Vintage Bentleys in Australia –
Limited Book Release.

Bentley Drivers Club of Australia Inc.

BDCA 61st AGM Minutes, 24th September 2017

      • Welcome to the 61st AGM BDCA
      • We have a long history of WO’s
        Part of this history are the 40 years+ members here:
        Lance Dixon
        Lyn Miller
        Warrick Hansted
        Chester McKaige
        Phillip Ironside
        Andrew Moran
        Gary Grant
        Also a special welcome to Jim and Glenys Runciman from WA
      • Big year coming up
      • Can Am 2018, 12 WO’s fully subscribed
      • Thank you to David Cohen for organizing and making it possible.
      • National rally October 2018 Wangaratta, to be run by BDCV for all types of Bentleys
      • We should support this as a club even though our interest is WO’s
      • Thank you for my committee’s contribution.
      • Work put in on the book is huge and appreciated, Phillip, Tony.
      • The committee is putting itself up for election again except for Wayne Fitzgerald who is focusing his efforts on the BDCV of which he is regional chairman. Wayne is both a WO and a Derby owner and we thank him for his contribution to the committee particularly in his role as managing our website. New committee member Sam Patten, bought father’s 3L which nearly left the country so there is a happy ending. Sam is overseas as is Des Dillon, where they are meeting up in Florence for lunch. Mt Macedon is very pleasant but it is hard to compete with Florence.
      • Trophies
      • The Hourglass Trophy awarded for a special contribution to the club is awarded to Simon Elliott for his contribution to the maintenance and restoration of WO’s so they can be driven and enjoyed in the manner that were intended. The Wetheritt Trophy awarded for the extensive use of a WO is awarded to Des Dillon for his global exploits in his 3/4 ½ . Des was using his car in Europe in June this year including driving from the UK to Sardinia and back and in fact is now touring Italy in the car. Des will ship his car from the UK next year to the USA where he plans to run the California Mille as well as our Can-AM Rally. This year it is the VSCC’s turn to award the Graeme Miller Trophy and it is good to see both Lyn and John here.